About Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright is screenwriter and podcast producer/host based in London, UK.

LAIR – UK horror slated for released October 2020 – Link to IMDB page

PIG’N’PAH – Latvian fantasy scheduled to shoot August 2020

UBERMAN – UK Sci-fi & BEAR – Norwegian/UK horror with Ashley Horner, Pinball Films (Brilliantlove aka The Orgasm Diaries) and Keith Bell (Dog Soldiers, The Descent & Harry Brown) (Status: In financing)

He has written and produced four short films. FALLEN, won Best Short at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2015, sold it to SHORTS.TV and it features as a chapter in the 2018 horror anthology PSYCHOMANTEUM (produced by Ray Brady: Boy Meets Girl (1994), Egression (2011).


Watch PSYCHOMANTEUM at Amazon Video

Stuart hosts the Britflicks.com podcast: Click through to the Britflicks archive

Or subscribe at iTunes

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