Hook your sci-fi audience with mystery, not science lecturers

Excerpts from a podcast talking to the makers of the new sci-fi/mystery FREAKS

“When you’re writing a mysteru, you know all the answers. It’s really hard to understand when an audience is getting each piece of information.


“When we wrote the 1st draft we thought we had made this mystery that was so subtle and interesting how it unfolded, but by the end everyone was going to get it … And we did the 1st reading and nobody understood what the movie was about.

“And so we did probably 5 or 6 of those readings as we went.

“People won’t read a script if you send it to them, but they’ll come and listen to a script read.”

FREAKS is a sci-fi/mystery/thriller written and directed by Adam Stein & Zach Zipovsky. It is released in the USA from Friday 13 September.


The Britflicks Podcast with Adam and Zach talking about the making of FREAKS goes live Friday 5 September at 8:00am (UK Time) https://soundcloud.com/stuart-wright-3/freaks-final-edit/s-t7XD8

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About Stuart Wright

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