What is auteurism? What is an auteur?

Auteurism. au·teur·ism. noun. The definition of auteurism is the belief that a movie should primarily reveal the director’s feelings and beliefs as if he has written it himself. The theory that the director’s vision should be clearly seen in a movie is an example of auterism.

Auteur. au – teur. noun. The definition of auteur is a person who is so involved in its development that his creative vision is evident in the film. A film director with his own unique style of movie is an example of an auteur.
Definitions from yourdictionary.com

“I’ve been running an auteurist magazine for 21 years. And auteurism, for all its flaws, it’s not a perfect system, but when you get filmmakers making things direct from their personal experience that’s the kind of movie I like best,” Nick James, former editor of Sight And Sound.

The Britflicks Podcast 5 Great British Films of the last 21 years is out soon.

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