Jason Blum of Blumhouse: What makes a good horror film?

“One of the exercises we do at the company, when we’re about to make a movie or decide on whether to make a movie or not, we say lets take out all the scares. Does that work as a Sundance movie. Does that work as a drama… The more you understand what is going on, the scarier the movie is. I feel like random scares aren’t as scary in movies.”

“I do not want to be preached to. I don’t want a point. We talked about this a lot with The Purge – I don’t want a movie about gun control. I want a fun, revenge movie. If there happens to be a message in there – terrific, but I don’t want the message to take the place of my 90 minutes of entertainment.”

“One of the things I’m most proud of about the horror movies that we make, it is that it’s not anything goes. They do subscribe to the rules of a drama or an action movie. You have to have real characters. And real situations and believable situations. And they have to be motivated… and to me that makes the movies grounded and scarier.”

These snippets are transcribed from the brilliant Bret Easton Ellis podcast:  Jason Blum episode


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