Murderdrome review (Guest blog from Croydon Roller Derby Riot Squad)

By: Polly Filla #5 (far right of the picture) – Croydon Roller Derby Riot Squad (


As a Roller Derby skater myself I went into watching this film with nothing but trepidation. If ‘Whip It’ (a coming of age film directed by Drew Barrymore) is anything to go by, our sport is not well represented in mainstream media. We’ve all grown quite tired of the fishnets and punk rock music ubiquitously associated with Roller Derby. However, given the trailers for Murderdrome, I thought “why the hell not…it’ll be a bit of fun”. I tried to turn my ‘derby’ brain off while watching this film, but I couldn’t! All I could see was bad Roller Derby being played, ridiculous clothing being worn for sport and a silly amount of penalty-worthy hits. I guess I’m being harsh, this film never set out to represent the sport. I suppose I could look over this if it wasn’t for the horrendous acting and vague story line. All in all if you’re hosting a ‘bad movie’ night Murderdrome will provide you with moments of disbelief, disgust and disembowelment. Enjoy!

Thank you to Polly Filla #5 for your thoughts on Murderdome. It is out on DVD in the UK May 24 2014


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